Container Flexitank

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Flexitank is one kind soft, high-strength, light-weight single-use large bladders with valves. It is designed to fit inside general purpose freight standard 20 foot ISO container. Flexitanks are used for the bulk transport of non-hazardous liquids that are not classified or regulated as dangerous goods.

We introduce the most advanced technologies and material to produce the highest quality flexitank under the strictest quality standard. DooFlexi flexitanks are constructed from multiple Polyethylene (PE) layers and Polypropylene (PP) layer, with various valves. It is designed from a specific capacity ranging from 14m3 to 24m3. All the material used in the production of flexitanks are brand news, food grade, and compliant with EC and FAD regulations.

DooFlex Flexitank should be installed in 20-foot container. Installation of Flexitank takes 20-30 minutes. Then container will be ready to load your cargo. The Installation of Flexitank can be made both on the container terminal, and in a place of loading. After installation you will just need to connect your connecting device to Flexitank. Using the pump you can start loading. Loading takes 20-40 minutes depending on type of a cargo and the pump. After loading is finished the container with Flexitank and with your cargo is ready to travel. The container can be transported by road, railway or sea. The container with your cargo can be delivered to any point worldwide. In place of destination you or your partners can unload a cargo quickly and without any losses. For this you will need just the pump. After unloading is finished, Flexitank can be utilized, as it is disposable.

Features and Advantages

●    You will significantly reduce expenses for transportation. In comparison with tank-container you will pay just for one way freight of the 20-foot container. There is no need to return container and pay for this. The economy can be more than 500 Euro per one transportation.
●    You use Flexitank as packaging for the cargo. In comparison with cost of drums or other capacities you save not less than 30-40%.
●    You save up to 90 % of time for loading and unloading of the cargo.
●    No need to clean Flexitank after transportation as it is disposable.
●    You reduce losses of a cargo during unloading. As comparison - losses during unloading from Flexitank are 0.1 %, when during unloading from drums losses are 1%.
●    You will increase volume of a cargo for transportation. In comparison with the standard packaging as drums and canisters volume can be increased up to 30%.
●    The cargo is delivered door to door without intermediate overloads.


All DooFlex Flexitank are made by the special PE material. For the food application, PE material are approved by FDA. T
heir design features and suitability for transportations were deeply checked by the competent organizations. There is a strong multisteps quality control during manufacturing of Flexitank. Each Flexitank is tested or break with 8 multiple overload. Each Flexitank has its own unique identification number. This provides guarantees the responsibility of the manufacturer.


In FLEXITANK it is possible to transport almost any of non-hazardous liquids, both technical, and food application. Here is incomplete list of products which can be transported in FLEXITANK:

Flat Beer, Animal Oils, Beer Syrup Concentrate, Jam, Egg-Liquid, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Glucose, Malt Extract, Water, Sauces, Sugar Syrup, Vegetable Oils, Wine, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Sorbitol, Fish Sauce, Milk, Dark Soy Sauce

Lube Oils, Transformer Oils, White Oils, Silicate Binder, Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex, Glue, Glycol, Base Oils, Detergents, Glycerine, Adhesive, Emulsions, Water Based Paints, Hair Shampoos/Conditioner, Mineral Oils, Lanolin, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Paper Pulp, Optical Brightener

Some liquids have properties to get thick during storage or at downturn of temperature. This will not allow to make effective unloading of a cargo. For this purpose we use heating pad which is installed together with FLEXITANK. It is used just before start of unloading using steam or hot water inside. This allows to increase temperature of a cargo.

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