Inflatable Buoyancy Bags

inflatable buoyancy pontoon bagsDooFlex Elongated Inflatable Buoyancy Bags / Pontoon (Salvage Tube) are versatile in multiple application.

The main application is to raise the sunken boat from deepwater, shipwreck salvage, refloatation as refloatation/
salvage air bags. Meanwhile, they can be used as salvage tube/ salvage pontoons for the supporting docks and other floating structures, and they also excellent for the pipe-laying and other underwater construction projects.

DooFlex Elongated Inflatable Buoyancy Bags/Pontoon air lift bags (Salvage Tubes) are manufacturer using highly quality PVC coating fabric made in German. It also is equipped with heavy duty webbing harness with single pick points and screw pin shackle, over-pressure valves, stainless steel ball valves and quick disconnects. Custom sizes, and rigging options are available upon request.

The following are the standard size and lifting capacity.Salvage Tube,Inflatable Buoyancy Bags,Refloataion Bags

Model    Lift Capacity  Dimension (m) 3/4‘ Inlet Assembly Approx. Folded 
Dry Weight
kg lbs Diameter Length
LP-500 500 1 100 0.46  3.05 Yes 0.08x0.20x0.35 10
LP-1000 1 000 2 200 0.56  3.66 Yes 0.12x0.22x0.46 25
LP-1500 1 500 3 300 0.74  3.43 Yes 0.21x0.22x0.43 35
LP-2000 2 000 4 400 0.74  4.57 yes 0.21x0.25x0.57 50
LP-5000 5 000 11 000 1.10 5.81 Yes 1.11x0.30x0.73 70
1. The different of light duty and heavy duty is the material.
2. Other sizes or type are availiable upon request.
3. Contact us to get detailed technical date sheet.
4. Orange and yellow color is standard color. Other color is available.
5. The abover specification only for information, take practicality as standard.

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