Load Testing Water Bags

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DooFlex Proof Load Testing Water Filled Weight Bags are specially designed for the Simple, Safety and cost effective proof load testing solution for lifting equipment and structures, whether for static or dynamic proof load testing of lifeboat davits, winches, cranes, derrick, gangway, and other load lifting equipment, in both that marine, offshore, oil and gas, power plants and military. All load test water weight bags type tested and certified before delivery. 

Yellow and orange are the standard color. The main type water weight bags include: Crane Test Water Filled Proof Bags, Lifeboat Proof Load Testing Bags, Bridge/Platform/Waklways/Floor & Slab/Testing Bags,Low Headroom Water Weight Bags,Load Cell for Test Water Weight Bags.

Our crane test water weight bags have "Certificate of Type Approval" by CCS and BV. Meanwhile, we also can provide the third party certificate by BV, ABS, SGS and others.


    ● Lifeboat Proof Load Testing
     Davit Frame and Structural Static Load Testing
    Dynamic Winch Brake Load Testing
     Cranes and Lifting Equipment Load Testing
     Ship’s Gangway Load Testing
    Loaded Commissioning Testing for new installations

  • >> Water Filled Weight Bags
    DooFlex proof loading test water weight bags is designed for the proof load testing for the crane, lifeboat davit, beam, derrick, overhead crean, and other lifting equipments and structures. Water Weight Bags provide one kind innovative load testing solution with the advantages o...
  • >> Lifeboat Testing Water Bags
    Lifeboat load test water bags system is used for evenly distributed load testing for lifeboat, crew bastes, gangways. This water weight bags system can be easily handled or transported. ...
  • >> Low Headroom Water Bags
    Low headroom crane load test water weight bags are designed for the crane proof loading test for the lifting equipments and structures when the crane testing operation have low headroom (LH). It also can be used as an fluid storage container for emergency use. ...