PVC Boat Fenders

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Our PVC boat fenders are made of high quality PVC, to make it have maximum strength and durability. And our boat fender is UV- resistance, never fade, clear risibility color, and wear resistance. We are making F series boat fenders, and G series fenders for the moment.

PVC boat fenders are used for the yacht fendering, small boat fendering. And it can suppleid with cloth cover to get the better protection. It can be deflated to shipped. Easy to install and use. 

Various colors or combination is available. The standard color is red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and white.

Size of G Series PVC Boat Fenders

Type Size (Dia x Length) Weigh
Pieces per
mm inch
G0 110X400 4.5x16 0.5 20 pieces
G1 140x500 5.5x20 0.85 10 pieces
G2 160x580 6.5x23 0.1 10 pieces
G3 210x680 8.5x27 1.8 10 pieces
G4 280x780 10x30 2.8 10 pieces


Size of F Series PVC Boat Fenders


Size (Dia x Length)

Pieces per

mm inch
F150 150x400 6x15.7     20 pieces
F110 110x420 4.3x16.5     20 pieces
F140 140x510 5.5x20.1     10 pieces
F160 160x620 6.3x24.4     10 pieces
F200 200x720 7.9x28.4     10 pieces
F280 280x760 11x30      8 pieces
F300 300x950 11.8x37.4      2 pieces
F350 350x980 13.8x38.6      2 pieces
F400 400x980 15.7x38.6      2 pieces
F201 200x1000 7.9x39.4      6 pieces
F220 220x1020 8.7x40.2     6 pieces
F240 240x1040 9.5x41      6 pieces