PVC Mooring Buoys

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PVC mooring buoysOur PVC buoys are made of high quality PVC, to make it have maximum strength and durability. And our mooring buoys is UV- resistance, never fade. A series mooring buoys are designed with ball shape. One handling hole on the top.

PVC mooring buoys can be used for the boat mooring, boat fenders, navigation buoys, ocearn warning line buoys, swimming pool floating buoys, channel construction buoys. It can be deflated to shipped. Easy to install and use. 

Various colors or combination is available. The standard color is red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and white.

Specification of PVC Mooring Buoys

The standard size include the below. We also make can make the size according to customer's request.

Type Size (Dia x Length) Weight
Pieces per
mm inch
A250 250x310 9.8x12.2 0.85 30 pieces
A290 290x350 11.4x13.8 0.9 25 pieces
A400 400x450 15.7x17.8 2.5 10 pieces
A450 450x500 17.8x19.7 3 8 pieces
A500 500x550 19.7x21.6 3.3 6 pieces
A550 550x600 21.6x23.6 4 5 pieces
A650 650x700 25.6x27.5 4.5 5 pieces
A750 750x800 29.5x31.5 5 4 pieces