Truck Pillow Tank

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DooFlex Truck Pillow Tanks is designed for transport purposes on flatbed truck. Complete with ground cover, bladder tank and harness. Camlocks, or ball valves are supplied as the standard assembly. Various inlet and outlet valves are optional. The standard capacity is from 1,000 to 500,000 liters.

Truck Pillow Tanks also are normally “pillow” shaped tanks having a low profile, made from heavy duty/special application PVC/TPU coating fabric, which gives high abrasion and UV resistance. These tanks are used for temporary or long-term storage of oil, potable water, sewage, chemical spillage waste and other liquids. Pillow tanks are very lightweight, reliable, quick and simple. 

Features and Advantages:

●    Made of heavy duty / special application PVC/TPU coating fabric, UV resistance
●    All RF welded seams for strength and integrity
●    Delivered ready for us, easy to operate and repair
●    Applicable for various conditions and climate zones
●    Repair kits
●    Non-toxic PVC coating fabric for drinking water, food tank
●    Suitable for flatbed truck transport
The following are the several frequently-used tanks' specification.

Model Capacity Dimension (m)
(L) Length Width Filled Height
TPT-3500 3 500 4.0  2.0  0.4 
TPT-5000 5 000 6.0  2.0  0.4 
TPT-7500 7 500 5.7  2.0  0.7 
1. Other sizes or type are availiable upon request.
2. Color is confirmed upon customer's requirements.
3. Contact us to get detailed technical date sheet.
4. The abover specification only for information, take practicality as standard