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320T Proof Load Testing Utilizing Water Load Bags

Another Successful Proof Load Testing utilizing Water Load Bags

DOOWIN contracted this 320T proof load testing service for TIE JIAN ZHUANG 01.

TIE JIAN ZHUANG 01 is one pile driving barge belonging to CRCC. Its pile frame high is 108 meter, which is one of Chinese highest pile driving barge. After the periodic maintenance, have to do the proof load testing.

This pile driving barge have three crane hooks. We did the 200t proof load test for each hook firstly. Then, did the 320T proof load testing for each two hooks together. For this proof load testing, we use 6 units 50ton water load bags, 2 units 15ton water load bags. Because its pile frame cannot rotate. So we have to use one assisting barge. It also make the working more trouble.

Finally, DOOWIN team successfully finish this proof load testing utilizing water load test bags.

320T proof load testing using waterload bags  320T proof load testing using water load bags