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Application & Services


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Service Offering

DooFlex Flexible Engineering focus on the manufacture and supply of innovative flexible products that made from PVC/TPU coating fabric. To ensure you preserve the value of your investment, we offer special service designed to suit your specific business needs. Whether your business is in offshore, shipyard, or a out-of-the-way area, DooFlex has you covered.


Buoyancy Support Application 

●    Proof Load Weighting Application

●    Marine Fendering Application

●    Signal Warning Application

●    Liquid Storage & Transportation Application


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    Welcome you visit our new website For Outstanding Performance! DooFlex clearly realize the importance of service and support. By our special service designed for specific needs, DooFlex help the customer to use and operate our products expertly in order to ens...
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    Welcome you visit our new website DooFlex Flexible Engineering produce a wide range of Flexible products for the different industrial sectors meet the different needs, based on our well proven technology and experience. DooFlex is growing into the leader in the ...
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