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Welcome you visit our new website

Here you can read the DooFlex's press release.  

  • >> Welcome you visit our new website
    Welcome you visit our new website ...
  • >> Water Weights Proof Load Bags
    DOOWIN engineering team successfully finished another crane load testing project using 3 units 50ton Water Weights Proof Load Bags. This is the main crane of Deep diving work support vessel “ANDY WARHOL”. This DSCV is built by Wuchang Shipbuilding Group for Ultra Deep Offshore...
  • >> 320T Proof Load Testing Utilizing Water Load Bags
    320T Proof Load Testing for the pile driving barge utilizing DOOWIN proof load testing water load weight bags. 7 units load test weight bags are used for load testing. DOOWIN water load bags are the most effective and safety proof load testing solution....