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Inflatable Pipeline Buoyancy Bags

inflatable buoyancy bagsDooFlex pipeline floats are designed to provide buoyancy continually, to support the submarine cable or steel pipe during installation and transportation in shallow water.

The pipeline float are manufactured using the high quality material PVC coated fabric which has highly abrasion resistance, and UV resistant. The arrange of size is various. It can made into any diameter and length upon the special requirements for the projects.

The using method is very flexible and various. One way, the pipeline float are supplied in flat form. When deploy the cable, the pipeline float can be attached to the cable at 1m spacing continuous. When deploy the correct length of cable to the suitable position, then open the end valves and deflate the air, let the cable sink into the water. It’ll get the better buoyancy performance when the total enclosed type air bags are used at the same time. 

Twin Inflatable Pipeline Buoyancy Bags

The twin inflatable pipeline buoyancy bags can be used for the buoyancy suport used for providing buoyancy support for the pipeline, cable installation as pontoon in water. Twin individual inflatable pipeline pontoon are made by two individual pontoon after connecting. The pipeline or cable can be put on the middle support sheet easily. There are many cord fastener on the body of pipeline floater in order to fix it with pipline easily.

The pipeline float has the follow Features and Advantages: 
●    Various lifting capacities unit meter
●    Easy to attach and loosed from cable.
●    Over-pressure valve used
●    No stress or point loads applied to the pipe
●    Easy to transport and use
●    Highly quality PVC coating fabric to provide the excellent buoyancy

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