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Welcome you visit our new website

Welcome you visit DooFlex's new website!

DooFlex is a China leading combination of design and manufacture of products made from Heavy Duty PVC or TPU coated fabric.

DooFlex products include underwater air lifting bags, salvage pontoon, special inflatable buoyancy products, flexible bulk liquid storage & transportation tankers (Container Flexitank), marker buoys & fenders, water test weight bags and so on. With a strong reputation for quality, DooFlex is considered the first choice supplier by many key industry suppliers, contractors and end-users.

DooFlex's engineers and consultants have been in fabrication and use this serial products for more than 30 years. DooFlex has the clients in the Diving, Marine Rescue and Salvage, Energy and Oil, Offshore & Shipping, and other industries all over the world. DooFlex's products passed rigorous ISO9001 Quality Management System, approved by the third party SGS, CCS certificate.

DooFlex Heavy Duty Air Inflated underwater air lift bags products are used world-wide for raising sunken objects, vessel salvage, marine structure stabilization, underwater equipment transport, pipeline and equipment towing, and standby emergency buoyancy. These products are manufactured comply with IMCA D016, Rev3 - June 2007 Guidelines.